Solid Shampoo Bars

Pure Ingredients

A single shampoo bar will match or exceed the number of uses in a typical bottle of liquid shampoo.

Concentrated, zero-waste bars reduce bulky pollution caused by plastic shampoo bottles.

Biodegradable and chemical-free make it safe to use at the cottage, for camping, or anywhere you go.

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Gentle Exfoliation

Gently exfoliate your skin in the sudsy lather of farm-made soap for hands and body.

100% Real Wool

Natural, nourishing hand-made soap is wrapped in real wool, creating a built-in washcloth.

The wool is long-lasting, eco-friendly, and sustainable! Take some rural tradition home today. 

Choose from unscented, or enjoy the fresh and invigorating fragrances of pure essential oils.

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Country Kiss, Heritage Lard Soap : Lavender, Lemon, Mint & Unscented - 8 Bars, 400g

$24.79 $16.79


Purely effective soap for hardworking hands. Step back to simpler times, and let the silky lather deep clean effortlessly.

Nourishing farm-raised ingredients moisturize hands and body, preventing chaffing from weather and frequent handwashing.

Our resourceful farm-made soap process is a tribute to traditional farming, from ethical crop and animal management, to the cooking of the soap, and final wrapping in zero-waste packaging.

These mini soap bars are useful in their travel-friendly and house guest size.

Biodegradable and chemical-free, make it safe to use at the cottage, for camping or anywhere you go.

Listing is for a box set of 8 bars of lard based soap, totaling 14oz I 400g.
Each Bar: 2" x 2" x .75"/ 1.75oz I 50g each

Scent Options:

* Lavender * Lemon * Mint * Unscented

Simple Ingredients: Stable Animal Fat (Sodium Lardate), Honey, Pure Essential Oil.

Preserving rural heritage in every bar.

Contact us for bulk orders: Wedding Favours, Baby Showers, or for Guest Accommodations...


Create The Ideal Ambiance 
Decorative to have on display for house guests, or at a B&B. Solid shampoo is perfect for travelling, cottages and dorm rooms.

Simple And Easy To Use
easy for travel, and easy to use. Wet soap in water and rub on hair and body until the moisturizing bubbles suds up.

Energy-Saving Soap-
Concentrated soap removes bulky plastics.

Biodegradable ingredients are safe for outdoor showers and septic system balance.

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Celebration Favours

We will work with you on your occasion: wedding, baby shower, etc., to package the perfect favour. Choose from Heritage Lard Based Soap, Solid Shampoo/Body Wash or Lotion Bars.

B&B hosts, we've got solid shampoo/body wash and lotion bars packaged in 1oz/28g sizes that are perfect to offer your environmentally conscious guests.

We're excited to hear from you!

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