What is felted soap?
Felted soap has a regular handmade soap bar inside, either goat's milk or lard based, and a 100% real wool cover. It's like a built in washcloth that will make the soap last longer, looks better on display with no soapy mess and gives gentle exfoliation to your skin.

What is the soap quality?

The soaps are meticulously hand poured in small batches on the farm, and made from the purest of ingredients that nourish skin with natural oils. The Goat's Milk bars are vegan friendly, and all the ingredients in the lard based bars are cruelty free. The essential oils used are pure and the wool jacket is real wool.

How big is the soap?

The soap, solid shampoo and lotion bars come in various sizes.

Felted Soap Dimensions: 3″ (7.62cm) x 3″ (7.62cm) x 1" (2.54cm)              Average: 2.75oz (81ml) to 3oz (88.7ml) each

Travel Size: 2" (5cm) x 2" (5cm) x .5" (1.27cm)                                       Average: 1oz (30ml) to 1.15oz (34ml)

Do I need to do anything special to use the soap/shampoo or lotion bars?

The first time you use the felted soap you will have to give it a good soaking under water and rub till the suds come through. Afterwards, the suds will appear much quicker with each use.

Use the wool pouch directly on your skin, and the wool acts like a washcloth with gentle exfoliation, not harsh or scratchy.

The solid shampoo bar is used much in the same way. You can apply the bar directly to damped hair and skin, and suds will form as expected. You lather up and rinse as normal. 

*Note: The first time that you use a solid shampoo bar, you may feel that your hair isn't completely conditioned. That is the reaction of your hair detoxing. Allow hair to dry before accessing the need for further conditioning, as you will be surprised by how soft your hair feels afterwards. 

The solid lotion bar uses body heat to melt the nourishing ingredients into your skin. You can apply the bar directly to the area of skin that you want to moisturize, or melt into your hand and apply with your hands.

Can I use a normal soap dish?

Yes, any soap dish will work, but we recommend a product that is well vented for draining and air circulation.

It is good practice to squeeze the excess moisture out of the felt jacket before setting on the soap dish.

Will the soap be mucky?

The felted soap actually prevents slimy mess that often accompanies a wet uncovered bar of soap. 

Will the soap be stinky?

No. The soap will remain smelling like the fragrance you ordered- unless of coarse you choose the unscented variety, and then you will have a neutral to no scent. 

Will the wool be hygenic?

Absolutely! In fact natural wools are known to be antimicrobial. 

It is recommended to give the bar a quick rinse in clear water and press out extra water before setting on the soap dish.

When will my order arrive?

We try to get all orders shipped in 1-3 days, then allow about 1 week to 10 days from the day of your order to the actual arrival at your address. This will be a variable factor depending on the workings of Canada Post.

Please note that your tracking number will be used on all shipments and you can contact us by email: steinhavenfarm@gmail.com at anytime if you have a shipping concern that we can look into for you.

Will my order be safe in shipping?

Your soap will be packaged in a professional form fitting, protective cardboard box. It is extremely unlike to be broken in transit, but if such an accident were to occur your item will be completely refunded or replaced.

We also offer a 30-day Refund Policy.

What if my soap doesn't look good?

If for whatever reason your soap doesn't look as good or better than it was represented in the photos, you can apply for a refund or a replacement. *Note: Our refund policy has conditions because we do not accept the return of used body products. Inspect your parcel upon arrival and notify us within 30 days at steinhavenfarm.com if there is an issue, so that we can decide whether to issue a refund or replacement.

How long will my soap last?

It's difficult to know what to expect for the use of your soap, but the felted covering extends the life of the bar compared to using the same soap without the wool covering. Likewise, our handmade soaps are solid and long-lasting.