Local Markets & Meat Pricing

We're so glad to be involved in the community at our local area Farmer's Markets, and hopefully soon at artisan craft events as well. It's always a pleasure to meet with you at our table where you get to see our products first hand and we can answer any questions you might have.


*Mountjoy Farmer's Market, Timmins

Saturdays 9 am - noon, at 600 Riverside Drive

*Riverside Farmer's Market, New Liskeard

Saturdays 8 am - noon, at 55 Riverside Drive

*Kirkland Lake Food & Artisan Market, KL

Tuesdays 3 pm - 6 pm, at Civic Park Pavilion, 20 Tweedsmuir Avenue

*Cochrane Farmer's Market, Cochrane

Thursdays 3 pm - 6 pm, at Commando Park, 225 5th Street

*Urban Park Market, Timmins

Thursdays 11 am- 2 pm, downtown, 3rd Avenue between Pine & Cedar

 We are also in area gift shops:

*Museum Gift Shop - Kirkland Lake & Timmins

*Caffeination - 369 Algonquin Blvd., Timmins


We have heritage animals raised in humane ways, with our own farm raised grains and hay, with absolutely no hormones or GMO's.

We are so proud of our diverse and growing farm family of Scottish Highland Cows, Berkshire and Yorkshire Pigs, plus rabbit, goat and sheep mixes.

Get the healthiest, most nutritious, yet most delicious meats that we can produce. We will work with you to deliver locally for free.



Stein Haven (Heritage) Farm - Home of Heritage

Prices 2022

705-288-2280, steinheritage@gmail.com


BEEF : Heritage 100% Grass-Fed Premium Scottish Highland

1/8  :  45.lbs Mixed * Cut & Wrapped  $497.

~ 11.lb (4) Roasts, 18.lb Steaks, 12.lb Hamburger + 4.lb Rib/Soup Bones

1/4  :  90.lbs Mixed * Cut & Wrapped  $925.

22.lb Roasts, 36.lb Steaks, 24.lb Hamburger + 8.lb Ribs & Soup Bones

1/2  :  180.lbs Mixed * Cut & Wrapped  $1750.

44.lb Roasts, 72.lb Steaks, 48.lb Hamburger + 16.lb Ribs & Soup Bones

* Also available by the piece, but preference will be given to those ordering           Whole, 1/2, 1/4, & 1/8's.


PORK : Heritage (Berkshire, Yorkshire)

*CHOPS: $6.lb ROAST/Ribs: $5.lb GROUND: $4.lb

*BACON: $6.75.lb (1pkg) *SAUSAUGE: $6.75.lb (1pkg)

* Whole & 1/2 @ $3.lb Hanging Weight + Processing.

* Contact us about weaner and BBQ pigs.


GOAT : Bone In- CHOPS, or 2” CUBES: $10.lb  I  Bone Out $15.lb

LAMB : $10.lb Various Cuts

RABBIT : WHOLE: $8.lb, order 6+ $7.25.lb

*All government inspected, cut & wrapped. *Own grains & hay. No GMO, hormones or pesticides.