Country Kiss Solid Lotion Bar, Travel & Guest, Zero Waste - 1oz Bars


This lotion bar is for that special planet-conscious person who appreciates simple ingredients and pure essential oils.

* Packaged in a variety of vintage papers. Your shampoo set may look different than the photos.

TO USE: Let body heat melt the lotion onto your skin. Rub and let it absorb. It will not feel greasy!

Sold as: Individual Bars * Box of 6 * Box of 12 

Scent Options: * Bay Rum * Lavender * Eucalyptus * Mint * Patchouli * Unscented

B&B owners, you can choose if you would like each bar specifically labeled with ingredients or just labeled on the box itself.
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Made in small batches with Simple Ingredients: Lard, Olive Oil, Beeswax & Scented with pure Essential Oils.

Preserving rural heritage in every bar.

 *Contact us for pricing on bulk orders: Wedding Favours, Baby Showers, or as Hosts of B&B Accommodations, etc...

I am happy to work with you on presenting these all natural lotion bars as thank you gifts for a special occasion, or to compliment a B+B guest house.