Country Kiss Lotion Bars - Pure Chemical-Free Ingredients : Set of 4, 6oz / 170g


Solid lotion bars promote hydration with pure and natural ingredients that any earth conscious person in your life will appreciate. 

Packaged with zero-waste in mind, reducing bulky pollution caused by plastics.

A single lotion bar is concentrated in nourishment to prevent chaffing from weather or frequent handwashing.

Lotion bars are useful in their compact travel-friendly and house guest size.

Biodegradable, with no chemicals involved, making it safe for all skin types and conditions.

TO USE: Apply the lotion bar directly to your skin. The warm temperature from natural body heat will melt the protective nutrients that absorb into your skin. Conveniently return the bar to its waxed paper container between uses.

Made with pure and simple ingredients: Lard, Olive Oil & Beeswax.


 * Citrus * Bay Rum * Unscented 

Listing is for a box set of 4x solid lotion bars, 6oz/170g.
Each Bar: 2.25" x 1.25", 1.5oz/42g each

Preserving rural heritage in every bar.

Contact us for bulk orders: Wedding Favours, Baby Showers, or for Hosts of B+B Accommodations...